How To: Prepare Garage Floors for Epoxy Coatings

If you’re going to be performing any maintenance on your garage floor or applying epoxy coatings, it’s important to know how to prepare the flooring. Professionals have all the tools needed to get the floors prepared for whatever coating you choose, making the job easier. There are several ways to prepare floors, including shot blasting, sand blasting, grinding, and chemical etching.

Shot Blasting

During the process of shot blasting, special tools are used to prepare the concrete. Because shot blasting requires training and skills, only professionals perform this type of preparation for applying Garage floor epoxy.

Sand Blasting

Sand blasting uses a machine that propels fine materials, such as walnut shells or sand, at the surface of floors to clean them. This method uses specialized equipment as well, so professional training is recommended.


Grinding is a method that requires grinders to clean the surface and remove any existing material from concrete floors. There are several types of grinding processes, such as diamond grinding or stone grinding. Diamond grinding is ideal for harder floors while stone grinding is ideal for soft concrete surfaces.

Chemical Etching

Chemical etching uses acids, such as sulfamic acid, muriatic acid, or phosphoric acid, to prepare surfaces for epoxy coatings. These chemicals are very dangerous to work with, so it is essential to practice caution to avoid injuries or accidents. Acid etching doesn’t require special equipment, but you will need to know how to dilute the acid in order to avoid damaging the flooring.

Garage floor epoxy

If your garage floors are looking a little run down, consider applying a coat of epoxy to them. Epoxy coatings are durable, versatile, and resistant to stains, impacts, chemicals, and more. Before getting coatings, though, your floors will need to be properly prepared by a professional.

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